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Parrot Breeds


Facts About Parrot Breeds

Some people think that all parrots are created equal, but the fact is that there are several parrot breeds and each are unique in their own right. If you are considering the thought of having a parrot as a pet, you should learn a bit about the various breeds and then choose the one that best suits your desires and ability to care for the bird.

Below is a very brief overview of some of the most popular parrot breeds.


These are a popular choice among those looking for a parrot. If you spend any time around these birds, you will quickly understand why. They are gentle and will provide the entertainment with their bubbly and vivacious personalities.


Cockatoo is a good choice among parrot breeds for those people who want a bird that will be willing to spend some quality time with their owner.  Of all parrot breeds, these are among those that will bond most quickly and easily with their owners. They love human contact and many will happily sit with you while you watch TV.

Macaws Macaws are among the parrot breeds that can be the best pet or the worst pet. If properly trained and handled, these birds can bring years of joy to their owners. They are highly intelligent and very much the life of the party. However, they are also full of energy. If not properly handled, these birds can be quite a handful to say the least.


These are a very common parrot breed and are a good choice if you want a parrot that is known for being a good talker. While these birds do make good talkers, they are not a good choice for someone who desires a lot of cuddling. These birds do not bond with their owners in this way, and if that is what you want in a pet, you may be disappointed with an Amazon.

African Grey

This is among the smartest of all parrot breeds. This is not a good choice for someone who is new to birds, and there are several reasons for this. One is that the African Grey is very much prone to stress. The reason could be obvious, such as a move to a new home, or more subtle, such as not being stimulated enough. Only someone who is very familiar with birds and how to properly handle, interact with and stimulate them should consider an African Grey. Most parrots will need a similar diet consisting of lots of appropriate birdseed, a bit of chicken and a good amount of fresh fruit and veggies. Also, most parrots display a similar behavior if they are upset or sick. They will begin to pluck out their feathers. If your pet parrot begins this behavior, you should not ignore it as it can be a sign of a medical condition. It may just be that the parrot feels ignored or stressed out, and that should not be ignored either.

Many parrot breeds make wonderful pets. Depending on what you want and your experience level, a little research will be able to help you choose the parrot that is just right for you.

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