Red-Necked Pademelon (Thylogale thetis)


Closeup shot of Pademelon holding leaf
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The Red-Necked Pademelon, scientifically known as Thylogale thetis, is a small to medium-sized marsupial belonging to the macropod family. It is characterized by its compact build, rounded ears, and distinctive red-brown fur on the nape of its neck, which gives it its name. This nocturnal herbivore typically measures around 45-60 cm in length and weighs between 3-9 kg.


Pademelon in the wild
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The Red-Necked Pademelon is easily distinguishable by its reddish-brown fur on the back of its neck, which contrasts with its grey-brown body and white underside. Its short, stocky limbs and long tail contribute to its agile and swift movements in its forest habitat. This species exhibits sexual dimorphism, with males being slightly larger than females and possessing a more robust build.


Red-neck Pademelon looking at camera
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Red-Necked Pademelons are endemic to the eastern coastal region of Australia, with their range extending from eastern Queensland to the mid-coast of New South Wales. They are primarily found in forested areas and adjacent habitats, where they can seek cover and forage for food. Population density tends to be higher in regions with suitable forest cover and access to water sources.

Habitat Preferences

These pademelons prefer the ecotone between forested areas and grassy patches or pasture. They thrive in rainforest and adjacent wet sclerophyll forest environments, where they can find ample food resources and shelter. The presence of dense vegetation provides them with protection from predators and supports their foraging behavior. Red-Necked Pademelons are well-adapted to these habitats, utilizing the forest undergrowth for cover and browsing on a variety of plant materials for sustenance.

In conclusion, the Red-Necked Pademelon, with its unique appearance and habitat preferences, is a fascinating species that plays a vital role in the ecosystem of the eastern coastal region of Australia. Understanding and conserving their natural habitats is crucial for the continued well-being of this remarkable forest-dwelling marsupial.

Facts About Red-Necked Pademelon

  • Red-necked pademelons (Thylogale thetis) are only found in parts of eastern Australia.
  • They are forest-dwelling marsupials with a brown-grey color, cream underbelly, and red-tinted neck and shoulders.
  • Red-necked pademelons are medium-sized, short-tailed, brownish-grey wallabies.
  • They exhibit complex synchrony in their vigilance behavior.
  • The degree of synchrony within pairs increases with distance to cover and the total number of pademelons foraging in the area.
  • Red-necked pademelons are native to the eastern coastal region of Australia.
  • They have distinct reddish neck and shoulders, with no obvious facial markings.
  • The species is classified within the family Macropodidae.
  • Red-necked pademelons are known for their antipredator behavior.
  • Information about red-necked pademelons includes classification, sighting data, and conservation status.

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