Miniopterus aelleni


Long fingered bat
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Miniopterus aelleni, colloquially known as Aellen’s long-fingered bat, is a small brown bat belonging to the genus Miniopterus. It is characterized by a forearm length ranging from 35 to 41 mm (1.4 to 1.6 in) and a notably long tragus, a projection in the ear that distinguishes it from other bat species.


Head of long-fingered-bat
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Aellen’s long-fingered bat is distinguished by its small size and distinctive features, including its elongated tragus. This species exhibits typical characteristics of the Miniopterus genus, with a brown fur coat and a wingspan suited for agile flight. The specific forearm length and tragus projection set it apart from other bat species within its range.


Vet holding a long fingered bat
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Miniopterus aelleni is primarily found on Anjouan in the Comoros and in northern and western Madagascar. Its distribution is localized to these regions, and it may exhibit specific patterns of population density within its range. Understanding the distribution of this species is crucial for conservation efforts and habitat protection.

Habitat Preferences

Aellen’s long-fingered bat thrives in diverse habitats, including forested areas and other natural landscapes within its range. These bats are known to inhabit caves and roost in rocky crevices, utilizing these sheltered environments for roosting and raising their young. The preservation of suitable roosting sites and the conservation of diverse ecosystems are essential for the well-being and survival of Miniopterus aelleni.

By delving into the unique characteristics, distribution, and habitat preferences of Miniopterus aelleni, we gain valuable insights into the importance of conservation efforts aimed at protecting this remarkable species and its natural habitats.

Facts About Miniopterus aelleni

  • Miniopterus aelleni is known to live from 4 to 225 meters (13 to 738 feet) above sea level in northern and western Madagascar.
  • It is found at elevations of 1,100 meters (3,600 feet) on Montagne d’Ambre, Madagascar.
  • This species occurs on Anjouan in the Comoros and in northern and western Madagascar.
  • Aellen’s Long-fingered Bat is a small brown bat in the genus Miniopterus.
  • The head-body length of Miniopterus aelleni is approximately 48-49 mm, tail length 39-44 mm, ear length 10-12 mm, hindfoot 5-7 mm, and forearm 35-38 mm.
  • The weight of Miniopterus aelleni ranges from 3.7 to 5.4 grams.
  • Its habitat includes deciduous forests, including “tsingy” habitat in lowland areas associated with limestone and karst landscapes in Madagascar.
  • The species has been described based on substantial mitochondrial DNA divergence (8.46-9.27%).
  • Miniopterus aelleni is a part of the Miniopterus aelleni group, which includes new species described from upland areas of central and northern Madagascar.
  • It is a unique and fascinating species that contributes to the rich biodiversity of Madagascar.

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