Finlayson’s Squirrel (Callosciurus finlaysonii)


a squirrel is standing on a mossy surface

Finlayson’s squirrel, also known as the variable squirrel, is a remarkable species of rodent belonging to the family Sciuridae. This agile and charismatic mammal is characterized by its striking variability in coloration, with individuals displaying hues ranging from reddish-brown to gray, often with a prominent white belly. The species is known for its bushy tail, which aids in balance and communication, and its expressive, almond-shaped eyes.


A cheeky squirrel perched on a tree branch, holding a nut in its paws and looking mischievously at the camera.

The Finlayson’s squirrel exhibits a unique appearance, setting it apart from other species within its range. Its vibrant and variable coat colors, along with its distinct tail, make it easily identifiable. The species’ striking coloration and agile movements make it a captivating sight in its natural habitat.


Two squirrels engage in a confrontation, one displaying dominant behavior over the other, in a scene of wildlife interaction.

Finlayson’s squirrel is native to central Indochina, with its range encompassing Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam. The species is known to occur in a wide range of wooded habitats, from lowland forests to open woods and even coconut plantations. Its adaptability to various environments has contributed to its presence in urban settings, including gardens and parks in cities within its range.

Habitat Preferences

Finlayson’s squirrel thrives in diverse ecosystems, including subtropical forests and urban green spaces. Its ability to inhabit both natural and human-modified environments reflects its adaptability and resourcefulness. The species benefits from the presence of trees for foraging and nesting, and its preference for wooded areas underscores the importance of forest conservation for its well-being.

Overall, the unique characteristics, distribution, and habitat preferences of Finlayson’s squirrel highlight its significance within its native range and emphasize the importance of conservation efforts to ensure the continued survival of this captivating species.

Facts About Finlayson’s squirrel

  • Finlayson’s squirrels are native to central Indochina, including central Myanmar, much of Thailand, Lao PDR, Cambodia, and Vietnam.
  • The species has been introduced to Italy and is adapted to urban parks and gardens around Bangkok.
  • The body weight of Finlayson’s squirrels ranges from 120.1 to 291.1 grams for females and from 132.2 to 263.5 grams for males.
  • Their lifespan, lifestyle, social behavior, mating habits, diet, and nutrition are all topics of interest for those studying the species.
  • Finlayson’s squirrels are known for their variable coloration, which contributes to their common name “variable squirrel.”
  • The species demonstrates seasonal activity patterns and feeding behavior, which have been studied in populations native to Indochina and introduced populations.
  • They belong to the family Sciuridae and are a species of rodent.
  • The geographic range of Finlayson’s squirrels includes Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam.
  • Callosciurus finlaysonii is the scientific name for Finlayson’s squirrel.
  • Systematic pathologic findings report good body conditions in subjects studied, with body weights ranging from 120.1 to 291.1 grams for females and 132.2 to 263.5 grams for males.

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