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Lop Eared Rabbit


All About the Lop Eared Rabbit

The lop eared rabbit is often very easy to identify because it has very long floppy ears.  That is part of what makes them so cute and cuddly.  There are eight different types of these rabbits and each one has some of its own characteristics and traits that make them special.  The oldest lop eared rabbit that is often purchased as a pet is the English lop.  This type is also the oldest.

If you are interested in getting a lop eared rabbit there are a few things that you are going to want to know.  First of all, you can feed the lop eared rabbit pellets that you can purchase at the pet store.  Your rabbit is going to need one fourth of a cup for every five pounds of weight that your rabbit has.  Therefore, you are going to want to know how much your rabbit weighs.  You will give your rabbit that amount of food every day.  If you are interested in giving your rabbit some supplements, you can give him or her some greens or vegetables every now and then.  They will really enjoy that.

When you purchase your lop eared rabbit you can either leave him or her in a cage outside or you can let them run around your house.  It is interesting to know that this rabbit will groom itself in order to remain very clean.  This is part of who they are but you will need to brush your rabbit daily to get out any loose hair.  You should also know that they can be litter trained just like you would do with a cat.  The most important thing to think of if your rabbit is inside is cords and wires.  Rabbits like to chew so you need to keep these things picked up. You do not want them to make a meal out of a wire and get injured.  If you do decide to keep the rabbit in a cage outdoors you need to check the size of the cage.  You want it to be large enough for your rabbit to move around.  If it is a wire cage you will want to place something on the bottom of it so that your rabbit’s feet will not get stuck or injured.  Also provide a box for the rabbit inside of the cage with some bedding so that he or she can get out of the weather.

The lop eared rabbit does groom itself a lot, as previously mentioned.  Because of this, you will want to watch for hairballs.  You can talk to your vet about hairball treatments if you feel that your rabbit is getting them frequently.  Taking the time to brush your rabbit daily can help with this.  Your rabbit may also get ear mites so you will want to be sure to clean out the rabbits ears often.  Your vet may be able to give you a medication to help with ear mites if your rabbit is getting them frequently.

Something that you will want to know is that these rabbits can get bladder infections or suffer from respiratory complications.  You need to keep a close eye on your lop eared rabbit and watch for any changes in behavior or eating patterns.  These things can be a sign that something is wrong with your pet.  If you notice any of these problems call your vet immediately.  Also, be very careful when you introduce your rabbit to other house pets.  You do not want any fights to develop and you do not want any animals to be injured.  If you have other pets, it may be best to keep your rabbit outside.

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