Rodent Deterrent

Are You In Need Of A Rodent Deterrent?

If you are looking for a rodent deterrent, you may first find it interesting to understand what a rodent actually is.  Traditionally, a species is considered a rodent based on its tooth structure.  Because of their unique jaws and teeth, they spend their days gnawing at whatever they please.

Reasons To Get Rid Of Rodents

You probably need to get rid of a few pests already on hand if you are looking for a rodent deterrent.  There are endless reasons that you need to get rid of rats and mice.  In addition to the fact that they can pass on a multitude of diseases to your household pets if they are eaten, they are also hosts to a generous amount of tapeworms and blood-borne pathogens.

There has been a substantial amount of evidence that proves that rodents bring deer ticks (carriers of disease) as well as other blood-feeding arachnids and insects to your property.

Additionally, if you are looking for a rodent deterrent for species such as groundhogs or gophers, you probably already know that they do a significant amount of damage to your lawn.  However, other than aesthetic and physical damages, these types of rodents really do not pose a threat to human or pet health.

Avoiding An Infestation